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Today's photoshop is courtesy of our very own Mr Marsu! Please be sure to thank him for this awesome Elder Scrolls photoshop. This is by far the most manipulation to the picture we've seen yet. Also, after this picture we are COMPLETELY OUT OF PHOTOSHOP IMAGES!!! Please submit your images and we'll feature you as the header image of TAY. If you'd like to enter the contest, please submit all your entries to this link for a chance to be the featured image for the Open Forum. We're always looking for new header images.


Can you believe that it's Monday already? Where did the weekend go? I don't know about the rest of you, but I barely slept this weekend. Had a lot on my mind and I kept waking up early, unable to go back to sleep. The latest I ever got up was seven-something on Sunday morning.

Also, did everyone have a good Father's Day? What did you do? The wife and I went over my parents' house and went swimming, then had chili-dogs for dinner. I can't complain. I love me some chili dogs. :3

Other than that, my weekend was devoted entirely to Animal Crossing, my Dragon*Con costume, and anxiously awaiting word from a traveling friend. You know who you are. ;)

So, tell me about your weekend. What did you do? What did you want to do, but didn't get time to get around to? I want to hear it in the comments below!


Can't complain enough about it being Monday? Then head over to TAYCLASSIC and write a long-form post about it. Maybe you have an interesting E3, Animal Crossing, or other video-game related tale. We want to hear about that too! Alright then, see you on the flip-side!

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