I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum

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One day down, four more to go.

I don't know about anyone else, but the weather here was NUTS yesterday. I mean, thundershowers like you wouldn't believe. It felt tropical stormish at times, but then it'd go away, be bright and sunny, and then BOOM! Downpour. I had to drive in it yesterday. I've had better drives. Actually, I escaped it for a brief period, but when I stopped at the gym, it caught up with me again. Oh well, at least it didn't make me get home THAT late. Tonight? Man of Steel. Hoping it'll be good.


So, let's get into the small talk TAYers. What's the weather like where you are right now? Here, it's overcast. Hopefully that will change. Too many clouds make me sleepy, which does not promote work productivity.

Otherwise, go crazy in the comments below. Talk about life, love, video games, and pistachios for all I care.


Thanks to Mr Marsu for today's Open Forum image. If you'd like to enter the contest, please submit all your entries to this link for a chance to be the featured image for the Open Forum. We're always looking for new header images.


Also, don't forget that the Kickstarter for our very own Habboi's A Hat in Time is still going strong. If you haven't already contributed, I strongly urge you to do so! The game looks amazing, and we want to make sure he has so much work to do that he can't post here anymore!

Now that you've weathered the storm here in the Open Forum, see if you can handle the maelstrom that is TAYCLASSIC. We'd love to have you shake things up over there, so please, stop on by! Maybe we'll like what you have to say so much that it'll get posted to the main TAY page.

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