I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum

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Welcome to Friday! And have a happy TAY: Open Forum today!

You know what's pretty badass? Charging into battle while chanting the Song of Roland? The picture above is an artist's interpretation of the Battle Of Hastings, where supposedly, some jester was messing around with a sword and did exactly that . . . Yea, he got killed immediately. "Ok, and how is that relevant to today or whatever, TUT?". Good question. Truth is, I have no idea. See, I am experiencing severe writer's block right now as I type this. Who knows what shenanigans will occur in the next paragraph, and I'm sorta scared to find out . . . Oh, and the whole Battle Of Hastings thingy I said . . . Yea, I'm not 100% sure on that. It's just one of thousands of little tidbits of useless information my brain stores for no apparent reason. "Knowledge isn't useless, TUT". Yea, well, Norman history doesn't really help get the ladies, now does it? I find it funny how I'll know stuff like that, but still don't know my phone number off the top of my head.


Speaking of weird cephalo-related idioms, I was texting my friend right no- err, last night, and we somehow randomly made the following conclusion:

Blahargomous Prime: " . . . it was a thought that crossed my mind. And maybe that saying exists because of the brain rift that separates the hemispheres of our brains"

TheUnfathomableTruth: "Maybe. Although that means that if it crosses from left-to-right, your right said has no idea what the fuck you're saying"


I dunno. As I said before, I'm having a bad time thinking of stuff to write, so the more filler the better. ^^ Anyways, has anybody noticed the recent increase in fresh blood around these parts? Crazy huh? How many of you stumbled in here by random link-clicking? *pause for effect* That many, huh? Why am I talking as if I'm up on a stage in front of a podium? HEY! You know what must be fun? Open-mic nights :D I'm honestly not sure if people think I'm funny enough to try, nor am I confident in my sense of humor enough to say "fuck it, I'll do it anyways". Although, one time, I got really bored and typed up a nice parody of Swift's A Modest Proposal dealing with the whole gun control issue. I said that instead of strengthening background checks and all that, we should give criminals more guns instead. That way, they'll go ahead and commit their crimes and murders, eventually get bored of it, and all violence will cease. We could also stop funding education and focus instead on sending children to munitions factories, in order to meet the demand :D But then that movie, The Purge, was announced and I felt all hipsterish for thinking of something similar to that before it was cool. *Looks at wall of text* Damn, I guess I didn't have trouble writing about stuff at all. Oh the irony~

You know, this post is so . . . odd, you don't even need to bother with the daily topic. And really, I'm actually curious to see just how popular it really is with you guys. So? Do you like daily topics? Or do you think it kills general conversation? Well, whatever. If you have something else to say or something, there's always TAY Classic.


And don't forget about Dyram's 'shopping contest! His feelings will get hurt, and I don't feel like sharing any more lame emo music on here, alright?


*Edit from Dyram: It's true. I'm officially out of pictures. GBD made one, but he posted it in the wrong place, so I have NO idea where it went.

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