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TAY: Open Forum

Muahahaha! It's Thursday! I can see Friday right in front of me and I can't wait. I don't know about anyone else, but this has been one LONG week. This month's final Photoshop image is brought to you by Astrokid248! It's pretty subtle. Let's see if you can figure it out!

So, how are you fellow TAYers faring today? Up for some more rousing internet discussions? Who knows? Maybe we'll learn something? Make new friends? Enemies? Frenemies?


Today's unofficial topic is brought to you by the letter E. E stands for Epic Battles.

One of my favorites is the Dark Link fight in the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time. My favorite way to fight him was Master Sword only. That meant no shield, no magic, no arrows. Just sword to sword. It's a long fight that's rough on the wrist, but if you do it right, it's an incredibly epic fight.

What are some of yours? Share with me in the comments below. Or do your own thing as many of you are prone to do anyway.


Don't forget that the Kickstarter for our very own Habboi's A Hat in Time is still going strong. It only has a few days left and has passed the $200,000 mark! If you haven't already contributed, I strongly urge you to do so! The game looks amazing, and we want to make sure he has so much work to do that he can't post here anymore!

Continue the battle over at TAYCLASSIC where the long form posts lead to even more epic fights. I'm all for discussions to the death; however, by discussing each other to death, you release me of all potential fault either directly or indirectly in your actions.

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