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Guten morgen, hallo, guten abend, und lebensraum im osten! I hope you're all doing just peachy and if you aren't, that you can somehow laugh through your pain. Your exiled leader may just be coming around to this way of doing things. I had him tied up all night with plenty of time to think things over. I can be very convincing sometimes. *whistles*

As usual, talk about whatever the hell you want, but today's prompt is how much of ourselves we put in games. Some of my gamer friends love playing things with customization to the extent that they can insert themselves into the experience, while I have always been more a fan of getting immersed in someone else's story. It's sort of like eating at an acclaimed restaurant. Maybe I could get it without green onions, or add my own sauce, but I'd rather have it as the chef intended. Maybe that makes no sense. Oh well. I don't even change names in RPGs because it feels so wrong.* I don't really want to see myself in a game, barring a few characters I can highly relate to. Then there's SMT's thing, which at its best is quite nice. You can have a character in your head and make choices (within limitations) to turn them into something personal, without it being your actual mundane self. Ramble.


*Yes I know I should name Shadow "Hitler" next time through FFVI. You told me three times now.

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