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TAY: Open Forum

Hello everyone! Welcome to today's Open Forum! I'm your host, TheUnfathomableTruth, but you may call me TUT, for short ^^

So, I hope I'm overstepping my boundaries here, but I noticed there wasn't an Open Forum posted for today, and figured I may as well step in and post it myself since neither Morie nor Dyram seem to be here today :I Judging from their previous posts, I guess they're just a bit tied up. Ahem- But anyways, here I am, covering their six, and posting this for all of you. No need to thank me, since that's what friends are for, right? (Except you, Dyram. I ain't owe you nothin' after this :P).


But anyways, the topic for today is, well, teamwork. Now, I don't own a headset, since I really don't spend much time on multiplayer, and I guess that should somewhat hinder my effectiveness on the battlefield. But, I don't really notice that most of the time. Instead, it's very simple to sorta understand what your fellow teammates are doing, and whether you should help them out or not. And, what about the awesome experience of multiplayer in a shared room? When I'm at cons, I always love checking out the game rooms, and having a few matches with strangers. It's pretty cool how you can sit strangers down, give them a controller, put them on a team, point to the other team, say "Beat the hell outta 'em", and they'll function effortlessly as a team . . . for the most part. I mean, there's always exceptions. Some may have a hard time working in groups, whereas others may fit into support roles, and then there's always that one guy who calls the shots and tries to make things run smoothly. So, well, that's the topic for today: "Describe your MP experiences, and are you a team leader, pariah, or subordinate?"

Something something TAY Classic, witty joke, something something, conclusion.

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