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TAY: Open Forum

Hello Everyone!

It's a little past noon on a Friday and there's no open forum, so I'm here to valiantly correct that! I also have had that picture saved on my desktop for like 2 months just waiting to use it, here's my chance!


I'll just assume TuT is asleep or something, as this is normally his job on Fridays, but it hurts my heart to see no random discussions happening on TAY!

As for a question, I guess since I've been playing FFXIV: A Realm Reborn all morning I'll ask this. If you had to live inside a video game, what kind of character would you be? In Final Fantasy you can switch between different classes with just the change of your weapon, so I've been getting a lot of different play styles on a single character, and I'm having a hard time choosing which role to play.

If I was personally in one of the crazy worlds our video game heros live in, I'd probably be one to take on the heavy defense, I love tanking in mmo's it's fun to grab a big shield and a fancy suit of shiny armor and let the big bad guys punch you while you stand there valiantly like it's no big deal.

There exists a magical place in a far off land called TAYCLASSIC where you can post anything to your hearts content, go there and talk about anything you want!

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