I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hat's, and Masks, and Moons. Oh my! Hello, everyone and welcome to Wednesday's Open Forum! Today's image is courtesy of our very own Habboi and if you look closely, you can see some shameless self promotion in the picture. I kid, Habboi. I think the majority of us are VERY excited for the game! ^_^

On the topic of moons (or space stations if no moons are readily available), I find myself wondering about the end of the world. The apocalypse if you will. Looking at that happy, happy moon, I am reminded of the final hours in Majora's Mask where the music changes so dramatically, and everything is happening at a fevered pitch. Townsfolk have either run away or are cowering in their homes while Anju and Kaji are trying to find one another, consumed by nothing but their love for each other and the apocalypse be damned.

This song still gives me chills. It's just so sad and haunting. I absolutely love it.


Tell me, my fellow Kotakuites. What are your favorite near or successfully completed apocalypse games (not to be confused with post-apocalypse) or moments in games? An example of the latter would be Final Fantasy 6, where the apocalypse hadn't already occurred at the beginning of the game. Maybe it's FFVII with Meteor hurtling towards the planet, or maybe it's Chrono Trigger with the ever-looming threat of Lavos.

As always, if it's a more recent game (past 5 years is my general rule), please be sure to include the ***SPOILERS AHEAD FOR XXXXXX*** and ***END SPOILERS*** tags where appropriate.

Also, for all the new people here, don't feel obligated to answer the unofficial topic. It's just a means to get some conversation going. By all means, post whatever you like here. It is the Open Forum after all.

Help your fellow Kotakuites avoid the impeding apocalypse (it's going to happen eventually) by heading over to TAYCLASSIC and beginning your pre-post-apocalypse preparations. After all, you don't want to be considered as a one banana cautious Karl (bonus points to whomever gets that reference).

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