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Hello everyone. Happy Monday! Today's header image is brought to you by the venereal Habboi. Make sure you shower him with your praises and adoration.

So, how was everyone's weekend? Do anything interesting? I haven't been sleeping much lately, so my days all tend to blend together a little bit. I know I watched some Steins;Gate, went out to my early birthday dinner with my parents, and did some grocery shopping. I also played a good amount of Animal Crossing and some other games with my friend. Overall, it was a pretty good weekend.


Oh! I also saw Pacific Rim. Full disclosure, not a very good movie. It's incredibly cliche, predictable, and is just a lot of fluff. It's ONLY saving grace is giant fighting robots. Also, the sword at the end. Seriously, without that sword, I would have given it a 6 out of 10 out of best. The sword bumped it up to a 7. Don't see this movie unless you are a HUGE fan of giant fighting robots and can stomach a really shitty, B-Movie quality story. See it with a dorky friend like I did. Makes it much better that way.

Today's unofficial topic is world maps. What are your favorite? I don't think we covered this one yet. Mine has to be Hyrule field from Ocarina of Time. Sure, Twilight Princess did a larger map, but even still, the original Hyrule Field was just so chock-full of secrets in all of its nooks and crannies. It's still a joy to explore, even to this day!

Don't forget that you can continue the conversation over at TAYCLASSIC. It's just a short ride away if you use Epona. If you don't have Epona, just roll a lot, and if you do it right, you can make the drawbridge before it closes at sundown.

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