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Habboi is really killing it with these Open Forum shops. Everyone should really give him a round of applause. Keep up the good work onii-chan!

Welcome to today's Open Forum. It's Tuesday, July 16, 2013 and I woke up an hour before my alarm today. The best part? I didn't realize it until I was in my car in my garage, ready to leave for work...I decided I'd just go back inside and go back to sleep for about 45 minutes. Yay me...


Going to keep this brief today. Got lots to do, and not enough time to do it. Today's unofficial topic is least favorite video game companions. There are many obvious choices, such as OoT's Navi or Skyward Sword's Fi (pictured above). In my opinion, Fi is worse than Navi. You can usually ignore Navi. Fi is just always in your face...

That being said, I'm going to pose someone completely different. Alia from the Mega Man X series.

It's one thing to have a tutorial that pops up and interrupts you in an adventure game where the controls and situations might be questionable, but when you start putting game-pausing, pop-up tutorials in an side-scrolling game? That's where I draw the line. Seriously, you'll be going along, minding your own business and then BAM! Alia tutorial. It wasn't so bad in X5, but as the X series increased in number, so did the pervasiveness of Alia...


So, I want to hear from you, fellow readers and commentors. Who are your least favorite companions? They don't have to be tutorial related (I'm looking at you Natalya Simonva...).

Speaking of tutorials, have you seen TUT's new TAYtorial post? If you're new here, or just want to know how to be a better commentor, take a look. He does a REALLY good job with these. Also, continue the conversation over at TAYCLASSIC, where fellow commentors like yourself talk about random things and post articles all day around. We'd love to see more people there. It's really been picking up steam lately!


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