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TAY: Open Forum

Happy Open Forum everyone, and welcome to Weekend! I'm your TUT, host, and I'll be sure to go around needing all of your attendings!

Behold! Random strangers gathered 'round a campfire! You see, last night, Neryl was sorta keeping me up, so I totally didn't come up with a better topic to talk about other than "Well, let's just share funny anecdotes". So, you read the thing, go share funny anecdotes! . . . Fine, I'll go first.


Well, let's see . . . I once paid a friend $25 to go to a concert with me. Mostly because I needed a ride there, and they could cover it. They were total wall-flowers though, and I guess that's not really funny, huh? I once convinced a bunch of kindergarteners that if they rubbed any wooden surface fast enough, the friction would eventually light it on fire. And, to my surprise, I later found out that a bunch of 'em actually believed me. So there was a ton of runt kids rubbing chairs, tables and so on in hopes of starting a fire. And, I really can't seem to recall any more interesting stories at this point. So, why don't you guys go on and share yours, and see if that can get me to remember something worth sharing, ok?

Also, if Habboi doesn't post the campfire song song, I will go to the zoo and kick a baby koala.

This here is the part where I mention TAY Classic. Also, the tutorial for using TAY. And, is it just me, or is the bolded font bigger than the non bolded font? As in, it's taller, I think. I dunno. I wrote this very late (early?) last night, so I'm probably delusional. Don't mind me. I'm just taking up space here.

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