I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum

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Hello everyone, and welcome to today's Open Forum. I'm your host, TheUnfathomableTruth, and really, I just wrote this to have that nice intro paragraph show up on the main page.


Alrighty. So, let's talk about Rage. No, not that one. I mean the emotion. Like the fishstick, it's a very delicate state of mind. It can drive people to do the unthinkable. From writing out a 700-word reply to something they saw online, to downright eating the last slice of pizza out of spite to those behind you in line. So, now, let's talk about those moments in your gaming career when you just felt like throwing the controller at the wall, tearing the TV in half, and then proceed to eat the entire couch in one sitting. This feeling of rage was experienced by Moi not too long ago. About a a few days, actually. I had finally gotten into the mood for Persona 4 again. I sat down, loaded my game, and entered Mitsuo's dungeon. I was about two or so hours or something into the game, and was nearly at the end of the level, when suddenly, a shadow lands a critical hit and kills me in one move . . . I had forgotten to save along the way. I just gave up. On the spot. I was done. I spent valuable time I could've used to water my flowers in my town, or maybe watch a few episodes of something, or maybe done something productive. And they were gone in an instant. Just gone. Never to return, and having done absolutely no progress. It was horrible. So what about you guys? Ever had something like that just kick you right where it hurts and leave you there in the mud? Sucks, huh?

And don't forget, boys and girls, TAY Classic is always up and running.

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