I'm really feeling it!

Welcome All to the Open Forum. NOW CALM DOWN. Nothing's broken. The AllFather did not get rid of TheUnfathomableTruth (I... think?) and this is not a slap in the face due to a #TUTFail. Yes, today is Friday and yes, this is Zarnyx hosting Today's Open Forum. Oh, but some of you already sort of knew this would be happening, didn't you? Curse the day I ever taught people about the ability to follow people around on TAY and that sorta brings me to today's topics and that Header Image of that monkey stalking me...

The Gorilla... He's such a grand beast, isn't he? Well, don't be fooled! There's one at the Bronx Zoo that's got my face stored in his memory banks and when there's an Animal Uprising at the Zoo in the future, I'll be the first to go!


He came right up to the glass and started quietly observing all his adoring fans. SNAP! SNAP! went all those cameras. I, in turn, started quietly observing him as well from an elevated platform and got my camera out too. I had a good view of him and he of me. From behind the lens, I realized he was doing something.


...OMG?! DID HE JUST TAKE A PICTURE OF ME?! I think I just got Marked for Death...


So, I guess monkeys/greater apes seem to be associated with me. These creatures scare the heck out of me and yet it seems I cannot get away from them. They stalk me at the zoo, I've written about them at least twice for TAY and as per the Chinese Zodiac I am also a Monkey. That said, in my life outside of TAY, most of my friends associate me with pigs due to my love of bacon. Maybe some of you do too, but mostly the lot of you now associate me with one particular animal in nature.

Alas, my reputation has been forever ruined by a certain member of our communiTAY. Thank you kindly for that.


With that out of the way, there are a number of ways this thread can go:

Talk to me, TAY! I'm all ears!

1. Tell me which is your Spirit Animal, TAY? And let others know who you think their Spirit Animal is. Give it to me/them in Gifs. Or puns. Or just words. By my count we've two Bears, three Bunnies, one Swan, a Fox, a Zim in his jolly boots of doom, a Lemongrab who loves raisin rum, and a Hipster Dog... (but please, for the love of everything, please go easy on the pigeon. He's flighty and might leave us if we make too much fun of him. And since I may feel slightly responsible for creating that mess, please do not shoo him away or I'll be sad forever).


2. Tell us your Chinese Zodiac animal! Figure it out by using this calculator (one of two, I used) and give us a blurb of the summary of your character and then tell me if you think that aptly describes you. Mine says that as a Monkey, I am charming, self-indulgent, a trouble maker, and promiscuous among other things. Wha...?! If I could slap myself for that, I would. This other calculator says it too. Hrmmm...

3. Gaming-related while still being slightly on topic! My favourite weapon in Uncharted is the Sniper Rifle. Marking things for death by getting those head shots makes me strangely satisfied and I am pretty good at archery in The Legend of Zelda series. However, I suck at stealth and lurking in my games. So, tell me about that TAY, if you'd like. Like getting head shots? Like stealth in your games? I know some of you do.


4. Talk about whatever you want or nothing at all! It's Talk Amongst Yourselves and the Open Forum, after all. You're not bound by any of my questions...

...or are you?

Happy Friday, TAY!

  • Bonus Level: TAY Classic is where you can have discussions all the time. Just make sure one of your tags says "TAY Classic" and we'll all get to join in and participate. Also, if you're new to TAY and want to know how all this zaniness works over here, give the TUTorial a read.

Thanks to UI for suggesting the Spirit Animal idea (an idea that came to me as well after the 29th use of the bunny gif - gee, I wonder why...) and thanks to lurking, I found out he was thinking the same. And why look, just like that, this Open Forum just came full circle.

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