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TAY: Open Forum (Updated)

Helloooooooo ParTAY People!! WOOoooo!!! What? I'm being too noisy for a Saturday Morning and you're sleeping in still? Well, that's cool. It's kewwwllll. I'll tone it down and quit squawking in your ear. Welcome to the Weekend TAY: Open Forum. I, Zarnyx, will be your hostess with the mostest. The mostest what you might ask? That's for me to know and you to eventually know. So what's everyone doing this morning/afternoon? Are you standing in a line? Am I? Well that was my plan until the Rain Exhibit at the MoMA seemed near impossible to get into to. Admittedly, I'm a bit bummed but standing in the hot sun for 4-8 hours without guaranteed admission does not seem very appealing to me even if the pay off might be well worth it in the end. And so, my topic for today...


...lines. Queuing up. The last line I stood in was the one to get into the Dinosaur Exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. Well, actually it was probably a line for Shake Shack but since the end result of that line was nothing great to talk about (bleck, those cherry peppers and uh, seeing as I kinda already talked about that), I'll instead talk about the dinosaurs I made friends with a few weeks ago. It was a pretty sunny, hot day when I waited to see these dinosaurs. The line moved pretty quickly and honestly did not feel like the 2 hours the Zoo officials had estimated. In fact, I'd say it was more a 45 minute wait. At the end of it all, the Zoo Personnel carted off a bunch of us in a truck to be fed to the awesome beasts. Somehow, I made it out alive but I did get sprayed by one. Ew, yes. I still stink of prehistoric shenanigans.

I'm no stranger to lines - whether it be a concert line for me to get to the front of the stage in the pit, or a launch event at Nintendo World, or a line to get fresh apple cider doughnuts in Autumn when we go apple picking - lines can be fun, scary things. Sometimes you meet cool, crazy people. Sometimes you get to hear a person named Isiah preach about the Legend of Zelda for hours on end. And sometimes, you just want to cry when the person ahead of you gets the last freebie at an exclusive event. My favourite line though? Waiting overnight on the street to meet Shigeru Miyamoto. I got so sick days after! But being laughed at by Shiggy is one of my fondest memories.


Tell me, TAY! What was the longest amount of time you spent in a line? Was it for something awesome like a signing? A launch of a game or system? Was it worth it in the end? Any cool stories or things to share as a result? Would you rather talk about dinosaurs? Sure. Do whatever you wanna do! It's the weekend after all! And this is the Open Forum. Go crazy! Keep sleeping! Keep waiting for me to tell you what I am the mostest of!

  • And a special Happy Birthday to Damson, BattleBorn, ToxicBunnies, Xavus, Zack_Falcon, Blade, E1Salvador...(JULY PEOPLE WE MAY HAVE MISSED, THIS TOO IS FOR YOU) ! If anyone else is celebrating their birthday this weekend, Happy Birthday to you too! A JULY CAKE for all!
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