Ohayo, konnichiwa, or konbanwa. I hope Monday isn't being too cruel to everyone, and that you got to work/wherever on time without having to run there with toast hanging out of your mouth. I also hope you had a good weekend. Did anything interesting happen? What about interesting things that you wish happened that didn't, and are filled with deep regret and longing over?

Shortly before making this post I was talking to Dyram while he played Mega Man on my SNES, which is staying with him. "You haven't lived until you've encountered a purple, bipedal robot bird with a sawblade on his head that it throws at you by spinning its torso vertically," he said. Then he said "I don't feel like writing the open forum, will you do it?" So that's our topic today: that Dyram is lazy. I mean our topic is weird video game enemies. There are a lot out there, which is unsurprising...if you had to design a large number of enemies for a game, you'd have no choice after a while but to start making weird shit up. Ultros takes the cake for being odd and hilarious, but he isn't the outright strangest. No...

Whelp indeed!


Now that I've opened up this line of conversation so early in the morning, continue to penetrate its depths or whatever depths you want over on TAYCLASSIC.