I'm really feeling it!

Ni hao da jia. I should just admit that I never really know how to begin these things. I lack the natural charisma of other open forum hosts whose charming personalities put you at ease and tuck their friendship around you like a warm blanket. Um. Besides, it's summer and I always have less personality then. Does anyone else just wilt and stagnate in the summer? Womp womp.

I decided to start learning technical Chinese and Japanese so I can translate literature and business dealings for heavy industry companies that make robots. And then one day, the world will be at war and they'll be short on pilots...


Anyway - have you guys ever picked up a habit in real life from a game, or started doing something because a game inspired you? I don't actually try to climb into my TV, only because I know that it's a sensory minefield in there with its rainbow colors and voices telling me to face my true self. But I do owe gaming, among other things, liking takoyaki and pumping my fist in class when I get the highest score.

Get in the fucking TAYCLASSIC, Shinji.

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