I'm really feeling it!

Ohayo, konnichiwa, or konbanwa. It's the middle of another week *feigned excited woohoo*

I finally got around to playing Borderlands 2 again, and I had forgotten how fun it is. We're doing the Captain Scarlett DLC at the moment, which means we're glide/driving awkwardly around in the Sand Skiff. Dyram drives, I take the gunner seat, and our third party member is left to try and stay on deck. We have to double back for him every few minutes. On one hand, this is very inconvenient. Why is there no four person vehicle like in the rest of the game? On the other, it's so hilarious that it's worth it.


So have you ever had something in a game, whether a poor design choice or a glitch, that was memorable enough to win out over the trouble it caused you?

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