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Hello everyone, and welcome to today's Open Forum. I am TheUnfathomableTruth, and I shall be your esteemed host once more.

"TUT, isn't there anything else you can talk about that's not Resident Evil? Seriously, dude. Stop" Well, I promise, it's only slightly "RElated" . . . What? I'm not allowed to make lame puns in the first few sentences? Well, nobody asked you. Ahem- Anyways, I was playing some Resident Evil 6 last night, and upon noticing a subtle change, I became frustrated and slightly agitated. I had not played the game for a few months until Wednesday afternoon, and I was a bit rusty. Of course, I managed to recall a bit of my former skills in that game, and slowly began my rehabilitation. I decided to practice a bit more, and then out of curiosity, I looked into the "Records" submenu to see if I had improved . . . That's when disappointment set in. My accuracy rating with the main handgun had dropped from that glorious 85%, to a 45% overnight. It was devastating. I simply could not tolerate such hideous imperfection. Less than a half of my shots managed to land where I intended them to. Can you believe that? Pathetic. I have always prided myself in my accuracy in these games. Ever since Resident Evil 4 established that routine. I have even gone so far as to reset my entire progress, just to obtain a higher accuracy rating in each chapter. In RE4, my precision ranged from 80-90%. In RE5, my precision ranged from 80-90%. So having such a lame performance record in the recent title is vastly embarrassing. How could I go like that? The sheer thought of having such a sub-par disgusted me so much, I nearly deleted all my progress in the game right there on the spot. And then, it hit me.

Inner TUT: "Dude, you're flipping out because of a number? More importantly, a number nobody cares about?"

TUT: "Man, shut up. It's a number I care about. I've never had bad results in all my saves, I can't just stop that tradition right now!"

Inner TUT: "Hahaha, yea, but I know you. You're gonna reset the game, and then get lazy about redoing all of it, unlocking everything and you'll never ever finish it. Just, leave it as is for once, alright?"

TUT: "But . . . But . . . Alright, fine . . . You win"

*Proceeds to delete stuff anyway*

Inner TUT: *sigh*

So yea. That's what happened. Now I have to play through the whole game again, just because I was too worried about my accuracy rating . . . This is normal, right? I mean, we all have our specific stat pet peeves and standards, right? I know my best friend is very careful about his Kill/Death ratio in Gears Of War 3. He probably frets over that more than his own nutrition. I swear, the guy lives off of Poptarts. But anyways, what about all of us stealth fans who go for 100% non-lethal/undetected playthroughs? Or how about trying to get a platinum trophy and so on? These stats and numbers don't really mean much . . . Actually, I've yet to find one that matters at all. But they're still a prevalent aspect of gaming. And as much as I'd love to not give a damn about them, I can't really help it sometimes. So what about you guys? Ever put too much effort into keeping a useless stat in its prime?


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