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In my restless dreams, I see that town, Silent Hill. You promised to take me there again some day. But you never did. Well I am alone there now, waiting for you.


(Before continue reading start listening to this track while reading to get fully immersed.)

I started to replay Silent hill 3 again...

It’s frustrating, the PC port was never that good. But then... Why keep do I keep playing it?

It’s just so special. Silent hill scratch an itch for something I can’t really find in other games. Other than maybe the Souls-games. Playing them again I realize how slow these games are compared to other horror games. There isn’t really any jump scares whatsoever. I wouldn’t even call the gamesscary”. Rather they are creepy, and disturbing. You are never too scared to go on but the game has a great dark ambiances to them, everything feels surreal.

But replaying it has also made me realize how frustrating Silent Hill 3 can be. It’s a hard game to replay without looking at a walkthrough. I recommend putting the riddles difficulty level at easy. Because even if the riddles can be clever at the harder settings, it can also be a bit convoluted. And the atmosphere really breaks if you get stuck too long. At one point I also realize you can get unable to reach the ending in the game if you don’t pay attention. The game shows you a code at one point, that’s different code every time you play the game, and if you forget that code is you aren’t able to figure it out again. Things like that really bother me.


But despite that I still see this as one of my all time favorite games. The graphic has aged so well. I would honestly consider this among the best looking games ever. Despite it being a Playstation 2 game the characters has more emotions than some new fancy games. It also reminds me what a good time it was for games back then. What a wide library of games Playstation 2 had with crazy titles that a publisher would never touch today.

Anyway here are some suggested topics for today:

  • What do you consider your favorite game franchise? Like what series of games has held the best quality overall?
  • What gaming series would you like to see more sequels to? And what series would you like them to stop making sequels to? Please not hating on games you don’t play, rather mention a franchise you liked but the sequels has gone on too long.
  • Or talk about anything.

(Also been playing Deltarune. It was good! Play it!)

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