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Last week I got a bit inspired to try give Mass Effect Andromeda another go. So I remade my Sarah Ryder to look better, (Actually really proud of how well it turned out.) and patiently replayed the beginning. And I have to say that the game has grown on me. It has issues, overall it feels uninspired when it comes to the setting. Doesn’t really feel like new galaxy at all.It also a bit similar to Dragon Age Inquisition problems where the game shines if you ignore most of the open world parts and side quests. But ones you get passed a poor first impression there is a adequate Mass effect in there.


Before Witcher 3 I was really sick of open world games. Then it came along and renewed my faith in it. That it can be done really well and not make the story suffer because the man other tasks the world offer. But I feel in order to have a good open world game, the big world and you character exploring it has to make sense both as a plot and gameplay. I think Andromeda nails it for the plot, you are the first human exploring a whole new galaxy. But the gameplay suffer from it. Andromeda is at is best when you do main story quests with unique linear levels. Every time you are exploring the big open planets I feel like I am doing the lesser part of the game. At least Andromeda made me realize what I want from a Mass effect game. All the exploring with your own car an such certainly makes some nice marketing, but what I want from a Mass effect game is closer to a TV series, with a few cool missions between you talking to a bunch of people. Which might be a missed opportunity for a game that is set in space, but that really was what made the previous Mass effect games great.

Anyway , heres a list of subjects you can talk about:

  • Talk about something, game/movie and such, that you gave a second chance and it ended up delivering.
  • What are you thinking about right now?
  • Why aren’t there any interesting Horror games come out? Am I missing a title somewhere coming out soon or anything?
  • Hey, now when I am on the subject, what even happen to that free RE7 DLC that was supposed to be coming out?
  • I guess I could google that previous one. *googles it* Oh, okay there is no news about it since it got delayed earlier this year. But still... more horror games!  
  • I guess those last ones wasn’t that much of subjects to talk about. Oh well, I am now tired. Talk about anything you want!  

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