I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Bonjourno my fellow PoTAYtoes! How’s everyone doing today?

So Yesterday Children of Zodiacs was released, is everyone getting a copy? Apparently I am...


...I completely forgot I kickstarted this more than a year ago...

I’m not complaining though. I now remember seeing that it was being inspired by the FFT series, and that was enough for me to get a copy. Unfortunately there’s an issue with the European PS4 keys so it might be a while before I can play.


Besides from that the two other things I’ve kickstarted was Ultimate Chicken Horse, a Mario Maker-esque multiplayer game where you take turns to make the level while you’re playing it, and A Hat in Time, a game partially made by some smelly hobo from England that most of you are familiar with.

Here’s the topics for today!

  • Have you kickstarted anything? What was it?
  • Have you ever forgotten about a pre-order or kickstarter?
  • Have you been pleasantly surprised lately?
  • Everyone take this quiz so I can judge you all

Besides from that, feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves!

Here’s a song to start your day:

Guilty Party - The National

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