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TAY: Open Forum: (ActiviTAY: Mushroom Kingdom Mad Lib Edition)

Heeelllloooooooo, TAY! Welcome to Thorsday and the Open Forum. Hello? Yes, this is Zarnyx and I will be your host today. Thorsdays have always tossed mishaps at me for as long as I can remember. So today I say: pox on you, Thorsday! We're going to do an ActiviTAY to make us forget that there's one day until sweet, merciful freedom. That's right! We're going to parTAY like it's Friday. I'm sorry. I know Friday is still a thing that has to happen but letmejustconfuseyouwithabunchoftextthathasnothingtodowithanything. And onwards to our game!

We said it before and we'll say it again. At the recent launch party at Nintendo World for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, a game of Mario & Luigi's Mushroom Kingdom Mad Lib was held and it was rigged. The Top 5 Mad Lib entries were revealed and the team of Hannibal Chau Chow (fellow TAY'er UI 2.0) and Zarnyx did not win. Maybe we are just bitter that our Mad Lib entry was not chosen (which seems more than likely) but man, I really wanted a Luigi key chain or plush as a prize! Not really but we were wronged, TAY! WRONGED!


In any event, it was a cute little game in which a safe Mad Lib was chosen as the number 1 entry. TAY, we figured we could bring part of the launch event to you. I kept a copy of my Mad Lib provided by the staff at Nintendo World and we thought it would be a hilarious exercise if you guys could re-create stories to share with the rest of us. Seeing as we have every ounce of faith in you guys to give me something daring, crazy and anything but boring in your nouns, adjectives and verbs - I present to you the Mario & Luigi's Mushroom Kingdom Mad Lib ActiviTAY!

Stare into the eyes of demons...


I'm going to do this a little bit differently and more in the vein of a true Mad Lib. I won't give you guys the story until later today (perhaps a story time before bed) but I will ask for your input in the comments below. Here are the parts I need you to answer:

1. Season
2. First Name
3. Adjective
4. Adjective
5. An Emotion
6. Noun
7. Noun
8. Noun
9. Adjective
10. An Emotion
11. Food
12. Verb
13. Verb
14. Body part
15. Noun
16. Item of clothing (plural)
17. Adjective
18. Adjective
19. Noun
20. Colour
21. Body part
22. Adjective
23. Body part
24. Adjective
25. Noun
26. Body part
27. Adjective
28. Plural noun
29. Noun
30. Number
31. Plural noun
32. Adjective
33. Body part
34. body part
35. Body part
36. Noun
37. Adjective
38. Exclamation
39. Body part
40. Adjective
41. Verb ending in "ing"
42. Verb ending in "ing"
43. Adjective
44. Adjective
45. Colour Animal


Will the best Mad Lib get a plushy or key chain? No. What's in it for you then? The joy of knowing you had a good time when it's all said and done. And if you did not have any joy while doing so, then this game is rigged too!

Have at it, TAY!

Oh and feel free to not participate in any of that since I realize it might be a lot of work. Besides which, this is the Open Forum after all! You're all free to talk about whatever your little hearts desire. Your day. Your fears. Your joys. Your animals. Your games. Your dislike of Thorsdays or whichever day you dislike most. "Your". What a strange word the more I type it out...


Lies! Everyone knows Loki is the better son! Lokisday? Every day should be Lokisday!



  • Photography Club is happening today. Don't forget to submit your Urban and Rural photos or else... well, Nach will cry. Please don't make him cry. He's not cute when he cries.

Then of course, there is the beautiful TAY Classic, where discussions on life, video games and anything you want goes on for 24/7. Visit it. I promise it is not rigged. Here's the TAYtorial for any questions you may have on how TAY works.

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