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Well, I had a topic idea for this week’s Open Forum, but Unimplied still owes me a GIF for it. Actually, it was for last week’s Forum, but that’s beside the point. The actual point is that I’m waiting, which is now the topic of this Open Forum.


In fact, Unimplied isn’t the only person I’m waiting on. I’m co-writing something with a friend of mine, and I’ve been waiting for him to do his part for the latest chapter and it’s taking him forever. Supposedly, he’s going to work on it tomorrow finally after like three weeks, but who knows?

So, enough ranting from me. Now it’s your turn. Tell us about a time someone kept you waiting and how it inconvenienced you! Or don’t. You can Always Talk Amongst Yourselves about anything else if this topic doesn’t suit you.

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Here’s your Morning Jam!