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Look at this angry boi

Hiya TAY! Thanks to Furbs for covering for me last week. I was away drinking butter beer on that day, and getting spat on by a dragon. It was horrific. The spit, I mean. The butter beer was surprisingly to my liking. I don’t really like butterscotch but this wasn’t too bad. My sister, on the other hand, felt sick all day after drinking it. And we had it at 9 in the morning or something, so that wasn’t awesome.


Ah yes, I was in Harry Potter’s world at Universal Studios. We did other things too, at the park, and for the damned price of admission plus the price of the fast pass, yeesh. You best believe we did every ride we could. Except the giant rollercoaster. When you’re an old, that just seems daunting. I probably could have but it’s alright. I’m alive to tell this tale (which I wasn’t too sure about after experiencing The Mummy ride. It was fast, and hot, and I thought I was going to lose my glasses. It was fun as heck).

In related news, I finished Nier: Automata. I did not find the boar meat I needed to finish a quest but I had Moose meat in my inventory for some reason. Maybe it came from MY MOOSE?! I dunno. But I don’t want to talk about the zombie machines in the amusement park nor do I want to speak about my poor, sweet, good boy Nines.

For today’s suggested topics:

  • If you could re-create an amusement park tailored to a game you love, a la Diagon Alley in Harry Potter at Universal Studios, which game would that be? Describe your amusement park to us!
  • Can you think of any creepy amusement park type areas in games? Which one really freaked you out? Or clown characters for that matter?
  • Do you like rollercoasters/amusement parks/arcades and such things?
  • How is everyone?

Let us also never speak of Pascal. Ever. Again.

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