I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Howdy Tay!

Look I admit. I forgot to write an Open forum this week and are desperatly writing it now at the last second.


But I have good reasons, honestly! This week has been crazy. Lots of work because I took some extra days. Someone also broke into my apartment. For the second time in two years. Luckly nothing got stolen. It seems like something scared them of. Might have been me coming home. Because when I came home nothing was touched but the window from the backyard was wide open and broken on the edges. So had to call the police and have someone fix it. Today I also had a meeting with a company that might install a alarm system in my apartment. Not sure yet.

So yeah rough week. But now (Like now now, I am writing this on the phone in the subway.) I am on my way to meet a friend. And we are gonna go to this japanese style arcade place to play some games and drink beer. So the evening is looking fine!


Well then, here are some suggested topics to discuss today:

  • Have you been to an arcade? What games do you enjoy? Whats the worst?
  • How has your week been?
  • Or talk about anything.

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