I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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It’s finally happened, TAY. My family has moved to Stardew Valley.

In Stardew Valley, villagers leave their purple underwear in the bedrooms of ...oh. That’s a dirty secret which was not to be divulged. You saw nothing.


The cost of planting a bean is too damned high. Abigail is an emo asshat and Haley is a terrible person. The children are rude. Grandma asked for a kale for her husband, and overpaid for the favor which means my sister, who is the one playing the game most, is a smooth criminal.

The chickens are plump and eat grass like they’ve never been fed—every single day. And the ducks, and other farm animals are all named after friends.


It’s home. Expensive, kinda weird, and puts our Harvest Moon skills to use. Good thing we are well-versed in that.

For today’s suggested topic(s):

  • Admit it. You name your characters after people you know, right? Not just name the main character after yourself? What’s the funniest/best naming you’ve done in a game? Are you like me and put Final Fantasy characters in The Sims? Have you ever been a duck?
  • If you could all just move into a video game house or village/town right this second, where would you go?

Here’s hoping Stardew Valley at least teaches the children correct math, even if not manners. Education is important. Apparently, not here.

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