I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tay Open Forum - ARGH, I am late!

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Greetings bananas!

I had a wonderful morning, it felt like for ones I was able to sleep exactly the amount of time I needed. I didn’t even need the alarm clock to wake me up. Funny that, how much is the clock anyway?


Argh, I’m late! Fuck! A whole hour late!

So there went my perfect record of arriving on time for my work. I was so proud of that because I’ve been bad at arriving on time on my previous work. In school it was worst, but back then I didn’t really care, at some point they just started to assume I was always going to be about 10 minutes late to every morning class.


Which is kinda weird for me. Because I hate people who are late. If I’m gonna meet a friend and we say be there at 7 pm you’re gonna be there at 7 pm. Or you can burn in hell. But I guess it’s a big difference in my mind between social actives and work. Even if I feel like you should arrive on time on work it either shouldn’t be a big deal if it happens that you are late a few times. We’re all humans, as long as you take your work seriously and don’t get late reguarly.

Oh shit, I forgot was supposed to go work! Here are some suggested topics to discuss:

  • Are you good at arriving on time? How do you feel about being late in general?  
  • What is the worst thing you missed because you slept? Like for example missed a plane, or during an earthquake and your family was in panic around you. (Guilty of both.)
  • Do you consider yourself lazy? Is that a bad thing for you?
  • Or talk about anything.

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