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Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.

Good morning Tay!

Man do I enjoy autumn! Well I at least enjoy the beginning of it. When summer dies and things become colder and the trees are colorful. I love the air around this time and that you can go out with an adequate amount of clothing. Hoodie and a jacket just feels right together. Like yesssss... this is meant to beeee. After this summer with all the records in temperatures over here I realized that I’m probably not that into sunshine at all. I used to think I was. But this dry, hot summer made me bitter as hell. Warmth is just annoying in the end. I’m not really into traveling to sunny parts of the world either if I’m allowed to chose. Some people thought it was weird that I went to Tokyo in February, too cold they said, but I love walking in a big city when it’s somewhat cold outside. Summers in cities can be so exhausting.


Speaking of Tokyo. I’m actually planning to go to Japan again. I’m not quite sure when but I’ve already saved a decent amount of money to make the trip. It depends on when I can get a decent flight ticket and can take vacation. As things are looking right now I might be going there alone. Which makes me feel a bit uncertain. I think I would enjoy it a lot ones I get there, but who can really say until they experience it. It’s scary in that regard. But I really wanna travel and avoiding it because no one is coming with me feels wrong. At the same time, sense I live alone most of the time I enjoy traveling with someone to share that experience.

Although I’ve actually been thinking about traveling alone for a really long time. I’m really impressed by people who does that and enjoys it. That’s also partly why I wanna go to Japan again, because there I feel I would be able to enjoy stuff by myself.

Anyway, here are some suggested topics to talk about today:

  • Hows the weather at your location?
  • Would you want to travel alone? Have you done it? How was that for you?
  • Anywhere you are planning to go soon? Where would you want to go if you could?
  • What season do you enjoy the most when it comes to clothing? Do like less in summer or do you wanna isolated yourself against the world with winter clothing?
  • I am sick and have a fever today. FEEL SORRY FOR ME!!!
  • Or talk about anything!

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