I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Greetings one and all! My name is Taurenrider, or Tauren for short, and I will be your substitute open forumorator for this morning. Yes it’s true Zarnyx has finally cracked, you’ve all driven her mad, congratulations, I’m surprised she lasted this long... Not actually though, I’m sure she’s fine and not sitting in the corner of her room pulling out her own hair by the handful...

Now on with the show!

Well it’s here it’s finally here. Final Fantasy 15 has finally been released unto the world. We thought this day would never come, praise whomever it is you praise! Not gonna lie, back when this was first re-announced I really didn’t care. Square had effectivly burned any goodwill interest bridges that they had constructed over the years. They got me with 12... I don’t like 12, but I figured “Hey, it’s probably just not my thing”. Then I bought 13... What a fool I was, and then they made 13-2, and I didn’t buy it, and people said it was bad, and I was happy. Then they made 13-3, and then I started wondering if Square was actually trying to go out of business. Then I just stopped caring about Final Fantasy, they could never make another game in the series, and I wouldn’t shed a tear. So... my Final Fantasy 15 is arriving in the mail today, and I’m super excited...


All they hype leading up to the game got it’s claws in me. All the positive reviews (and I read darn near every review I could find) on the game were the final nail in my Final Fantasy addiction coffin. I’m sitting here typing this, just praying that 15 will give me that sweet sweet taste of what the Final Fantasy series used to be. Praying that I agree with all the positive things people are saying about the game... Or will it be another one of those games that reviewers loved, but I just could not stand... Looking your way Metal Gear Solid 5...

So the questions offer you for this Open Forum are these:

  • What is something you just could not quit? Be it a video games, movies, foods. What is something that no matter what you keep going back to?
  • When was a time you totally disagreed with a Review for something? Was something loved by critics, and you could not stand it? Or is there something that was globally panned, but you really love it?

Share your answers below, or just go ahead and Talk Amongst Yourselves about whatever you like.

Also here’s a song, cuz people do that here right? If it’s stuck in my head it should be stuck in all yours also!

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