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Tay Open Forum - Back from Tokyo

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I had some fun in photoshop.

Howdy friends!

It has been a while, a whole month to be exact. Once again thanks to Ishamael and Novibear of Pants for covering Open forum for me. I didn’t really expect to be away for that long when I wrote the last time. But things came up that I had to focus on before going to Japan one and half week.


My visit by the way to Tokyo was a blast! I had so much fun over there, and managed to do a lot in a short amount of time. From being on as many bars as possible in the Golden gai district, to exploring a cave near mount Fuij. I wont talk about too much here, but I know a lot of people here are interested in Japan, so if you have question I will gladly answer as much as I can with my limited experience.

Yesterday I had my first day at work after the vacation, and I was hoping it would be a nice day at work. But sadly it became stressful and a so-so. I realized during my traveling how much I really needed to get away, not that I’ve felt that much stressed out about work, that has actually been decent. But I feel like I’ve been socially stuck. Other than people at work and family I haven’t really talked much to friends the recent months. It helped a lot that a friend came with me to Tokyo. I felt I could talk more about mote freely about subjects we both care about. We spoke the same language. Coming back to work has made me feel that I really need to take more time with other people outside of work more before I go insane.

Anyway enough about me, let’s catch up on you! Here are some suggested topics to talk about today.

  • Whats been up with you during this month?
  • With who, or where, do you feel like you can be yourself?
  • Is there something wrong? What is bothering you right now?
  • Or talk about anything!

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