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I have returned.

UPDATE: Tay’s future seems a bit uncertain at the moment. Be sure to read this PSA from Narelle. Hugs everyone.  


Howdy Tay!

I’m back from my travels in Japan. It really feels like forever ago I was writing anything. Might be a but rusty.

Usually I feel a bit of relief coming home after a long trip. But Sweden in October/November is a dreadful place, I wouldn’t have mind staying in Tokyo until Christmas. The weather in Tokyo and Kyoto was pretty warm. I was expecting it to be colder and more rain, but we got really lucky, and had mostly sunny weather. Of course, there was that huge typhoon one day, but we were in Kyoto when it happen so we just had some rain, not even that much wind. Which felt pretty crazy considering what was happening in northern Japan at the same time. I watched the news the entire day, even if I didn’t understood what they were saying you could tell from the footage it was terrible for a lot of people. At the same time I was really sick then, I had to be in bed 3 days. Which sucked really hard. If I was just a little sick I would just ignore it and carry on with my vacation, but I got a really bad cold with high fever, I really couldn’t do anything other than lay in bed.

But other than those hiccups I had a really nice trip. I had a lot of time, so being sick didn’t really destroy the trip. I got to see much of Kyoto, which was awesome. Love visiting shrines and parks. I’ve been in Tokyo a few times now so didn’t see much new. But I feel pretty at home in that city now. I know how to look for good restaurants and can travel around in the subways without getting lost or confused. I feel very calm there these days, I realized that how much of an escapism going to Japan is for me. Like I get a chance to disconnect to a lot of things.


Also bought a bunch of anime related tshirts. I really like geeky tshirts as long as it isn’t ugly design or something sexual. It is really hard to find a anime tshirt not involving fanservice. But I found few that I thought looked good. You judge yourself:


Anyway guess that was my trip to japan, here is something to talk about today:  

  • How has your month been?
  • What is your favorite piece of clothing you own?
  • What was the worst weather/natural disaster you have experience?
  • Or talk about anything.

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