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Christmas spirit in vrchat.

Happy holidays Tay!

I’m writing this at the same time I’m trying to cook a christmas ham. It’s one of the most important dishes of food in Sweden during christmas, and this year is the first time I make it in the family. I’m freaking out here.


It’s a simple process though, just boil the ham for a few hours with garlic and carrots and such. Then add some... “stuff” to it. Easy as pie.

So how are things with you people? I imagine a lot of you will be busy right now, but after a rough year for this community it feels nice to add some small light of positivity here. So regardless of what you are doing right now, I hope you’re having a pleasant time.

Here are some suggested topics for today.

  • How is your christmas going? Don’t you celebrate it maybe? What are you doing right now then?
  • Which video game character really deserves a good Christmas this year?
  • Honestly though, do you even like Christmas?
  • And what is up with this new design on Kinja? I hate it. Worst Christmas ever!
  • Or talk about anything. 

Happy holidays Tay!

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