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I'm really feeling it!

TAY Open Forum - Batwoman Edition

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If you couldn’t tell I am a pretty big fan of Superheroes so a new CW Superhero show premiering is a pretty big deal for me. On Sunday Batwoman premiered and know what it was pretty good. I liked it a lot. Ruby Rose seemed to fit the part and the whole production had a distinctly Batman feel to it. I enjoyed it quite a bit.


Furthermore, I am looking forward to how it leads into Crisis of Infinite Earths along with the rest of the CW Shows. I’m also happy its on Sundays as I kind of dont much like Supergirl anymore... Perhaps this season will shift things back to the way they were in the great Second Season.

Topics of Discussion!

- Do you guys watch any of the CW Superheroics?

- If so did you watch Batwoman?

- If not are you looking forward to any series premiering?

Let me know in the comments and if not just Talk Amongst Yourselves!

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