I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hiya TAY. It me, Z. Your host on Wednesdays unless I’m not. Thanks to Aikage for picking up the chat last week and making me guffaw at his forum headline. Because let’s face it. If I was playing Sekiro, I’d know that life all too well. My time is coming.

Today in forum musings: I was ready to buy two games this week. Kentucky Route Zero and Thronebreaker. I resisted because I am sticking with my rules of not buying games unless I’m going to play immediately or purchasing on super sale. My backlog will never go anywhere but I will save money and force myself to finish more games this way. I don’t think my game completion record is terrible (bwahaha!) But doing these little things help.


Here are your suggested topics:

  • If you have backlog woes, what’s been your most effective strategy?
  • Do you play games immediately after purchase? Seems like a weird question but sometimes things like other games deter you!? I dunno!!!
  • What’s a day one purchase for you this year of the games we know so far?

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