I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Open Forum: Big, Dumb, and Fun Edition

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Is Pacific Rim: Uprising good? Depends on who you ask, is it better than the original hell nah. But was it what I was expecting when I saw it? Yup, oh hell yes. It was big, it was hella’ dumb, and it was pretty fun. Though it was dumber and less fun than the original. I then watched The Meg last night and while it was certainly big (two hours! WTF?!?), dumb (Deckard Shaw vs. a Shark), it wasn’t that fun. Actually... it was kind of boring.


This got me thinking of the concept of “big, dumb, and fun” because quite frankly it accounts for a lot of my media tastes. I don’t always want to watch an obtuse film like The Lighthouse (great btw). When the mood strikes you a good action flick, an adventure game, or even a pulp novel really hits the spot like a cold drink on a warm summers day.

A perfect example of this for myself is the Devil May Cry series. It knows exactly what it is, what it is meant to do, and how to do it and we the fans love it for it. There was a reason the reboot, even though it was good, was so disliked by fans. If the series isn’t broken why fix it?


So now some questions from me:

  • Are you a fan of big, dumb, and fun why or why not?
  • Which games, movies, TV shows, anime, whatever do you feel fits this description? I’m curious as the term is so nebulous.
  • Finally, I hope you all are doing well. This isn’t a question I just wanted to say it.

If not feel free to talk amongst yourselves!

PS: Its finally legal to get a haircut here and I am so excited!

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