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Hello Hello, TAY!

It's been a while since I played the very first Pikmin. I found it difficult, and the Pikmin quite terrifying.

Last week I finally downloaded my free copy of Pikmin 3 from that Mario Kart 8 promotion and I had no intention of touching it for a while. Why would I want to relive all the nightmares of those evil little things?!

Unfortunately, my nephew booted up the game then left me with the controller to find a save point. And I have to say... seeing the Pikmin in all their HD glory has been traumatic.

Those vacant eyes. Those plotting crooked smirks. Those Mosquito Bitten Lumps of Flesh for Noses. Those hideously determined little monsters!



So, okay. Actually looking at the game has been wonderful as it is quite stunning. And despite my dislike of the tiny jerks, I still feel horrible when I lose even a single one (as I just did within the first three minutes of the game).


Ah, Pikmin and Nintendo HD: a blessing and a curse. Blessing. And. A. Curse.

The suggested topic(s) for today:

What are the ugliest critters from your favourite franchises?


A game you both love and hate. And why?

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