I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hey folks! How’s everybody doing today?

With the possibility of having to learn a bit of German, as well as having to speak a little French today, and knowing small amounts of Irish, Italian and Spanish too I’m feeling extremely cultured today. Yes I probably butchered every single word I said but damn I felt good. Something about being able to speak another language even just a little bit feels pretty good.


Anyone else feel the same?

Here’s some topics for today!

• What languages do you speak? Even just a little?

• What language would you like to be fluent at?

• What fictional language do you wish was real and you could speak it?

• What are your favourite foreign delicacies?

Besides front that feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves!

Here’s a song to kickstart your day!

Protect Ya Neck - Wu Tang Clan

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