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From the amazing blog http://skeletorislove.tumblr.com/

Why hello there everyone!

I hate to be a downer but I just had a terrible week. I’m feeling down, mixed with getting a cold and migraine. It’s hard to say you feel depressed to others. Often it feels like you have to back that statement up with reasons, (And for some idiots you actually have to.) why are your life so bad right now compared to everyone else? While in reality everyone gets down at points regardless of how good they have it. With that said I think I feel a stalemate in my life right now. It feels like several of years has passed with little development. This has of course been going on a long time with no issues, but I think my current situation with troubles with the apartment and a endlessly applying for different types of work that seem to go nowhere did help kick of those feelings.


So that is how I feel at the moment. How are you guys/gals? I ask that question in sincere way. Truly, what whats been bothering you lately? If the answer is nothing then great, then lets talk about anything together! :D

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