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Like last week, if you wanna see me draw the thing I put it up on my twitch.

Good morning you little nugget!

Today I am going to a curse in Fire safety, that will be held at some Fire station nearby town. Actually I don’t really know much about it or why my work want to send me, and others there. I didn’t read the email fully. I do know there is free lunch though, and thats all I need.


I’ve been playing Persona 5 a lot this weekend, and I am enjoying it. By far the best JRPG I played (which isn’t saying much cause I only played... maybe 2?) But it is a slow game, and far too often I feel like it takes too much time explaining things or giving you hints of things you can do. There an overabundance of dialogues in the environment that is just repeating the same information. Like just listning to people passing by or Morgana telling you things. It’s like you are 15 hours in the game and you don’t even know if you have actually passed the tutorial level yet. It’s cool that the game has that kinds of details, but I feel they overused it because now I feel like I am at point where I stop reading certain things or skip things because I will assume it’s useless info.

I feel like stuff like this has become a common criticism for me about games lately. I might have less patients with games that can’t ever shut up about expositions. Some developers seems so scared of not telling the players everything about its setting and game mechanics. Like the developers doesn’t trust you enough to figuring out that “A” is for jumping unless they pause the game with a pop up telling you that. Just let me figure it out.

Like today, I am at fire station, and I have no idea why cause I don’t read my emails, I just know that if I play my cards right there is free lunch ahead. I’ll figure the rest out.

And so, here some suggested topics for today:

  • Have you ever had a fire at home or at work, or somewhere nearby?
  • What was the game that you felt really needed to shut up?
  • Whats been bothering you lately?
  • Or talk about anything!

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