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It’s a sad time this year, TAY. I won’t be getting any cookies for Christmas. Well, nothing home-baked from a friend who usually makes. T.T How am I suppose to enjoy the holidays without my snowball cookies and my chocolate chip pumpkin cookies!?


This means I’ll be relying on a store-bought staple: the mighty Royal Dansk butter cookie. But not all of them are equal. The hierarchy is as follows: Sugar Rectangles, Sugar Pretzel shapes, Swirls, Plain, and Coconut. If you must eat those (which I do not).

Fite me.

For today’s suggested topics:

  • What’s the best holiday cookie?
  • If you have an opinion on butter cookie hierarchy, let’s hear it! (You wrong tho. Unless you right)
  • How’s your holiday shopping going? Did you get everything to give out? What are you hoping for?

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