I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

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Howdy apples!

I just had whole 3 day weekend. Which has been nice. I wanna point that out clearly because I’m gonna sound like a downer here. Because one thing really bothers me about it is that I didn’t really do anything. Just staying at home playing games and watch stuff on tv.


Which most of the time would be fine, but when I start thinking that I should do something else like going out meet a friend or something and that doesn’t happen I always get this feeling of failure. I think thats partly due that my teenage life was not social at all, and that always leaves me with a feeling always coming back to that situation. Like as if I constantly have to prove to myself that I am in better position now. Is that something anyone can relate to?

Otherwise I’m adequate at the moment. It feels nice going back to work and start doing stuff. Which might mean I’m starting to like my work.

Otherwise, here are some suggested subjects to discuss:

-Do you consider yourself lonely or the opposite at the moment?

-Which is the best dragon in a video game? (Pretty much asking cause of the latest episode of Game of thrones.)


-I made my very own white russian today for the first time! Do you like making drinks? What is your favorite?

-Or talk about anything!

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