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I’m pretty sure Skeletor and Akko would be friends. Yeah, totally.

Greetings new blood!

This week is the start of my vacation. It kinda took me by surprise, because I don’t have anything planned until next week. So I’ve been surprisingly bored yesterday and today. I tried meeting a few friends but a lot of them are still working or busy. Even if it’s kind boring I feel this is a luxury problem. I’ve been working so much the recent months so I could use a little boredom. I think the consequence of that is the game I am currently playing.


On sunday I noticed that Little Witch Academia: Chamber of time was out on steam. It’s a game based on the anime. I really like that anime, and the game had received pretty good rating. So I went ahead and bought it. It kinda feels like playing a film license game from the early 2000s, back when every movie released a game. The games design is pretty bad, it has a neat idea. Like time travel mechanic similar to Majoras mask, or Groundhog day where you experience the same day constantly until you beat the game. It’s a fun idea, it’s like an adventure game solving quest and such by going back and fourth the same day. But lacking in execution, because the quest themselves doesn’t seem to be more complicated than walking to point B from A, or collect a bunch of stuff placed randomly at the map.

The game also has a second part that is a pretty straight forward brawler. You can choose between several of characters from the series and have to fight your way through levels, and level up your characters. This part of the game is downright terrible. The fighting mechanic feels flat, there is really no need to do more than spam one attack constantly. And the games difficulty varies greatly on what level and items you have that has nothing to do with skills, and all to do with numbers.

You spend a lot of time talking to other characters in a visual novel style.

Yet despite all this I find myself keep playing the game. I kinda do wanna see how the whole thing ends. Despite all the flaws I can see the love of the franchise the creators has. The characters are really well written and has good animation. Especially the expressions on their faces which feels straight out of the anime. I even find some characters stronger here in a game than they were in the tv series. They get more time for some fun dialogues between the main character. Akko herself, is an excellent main character for a game, she is humorously written in a way that a lot of what you do in the game, no matter how crazy it gets, makes sense that she would be doing herself. It also helps that all the original Japanese voice actors is in the game, and all the dialogues, even to minor characters, is fully voiced. And it’s pretty damn good voice acting. So even if the game itself is pretty bad, I do enjoy it as a fan of the anime.


Anyway, here are some suggested topics to talk about today:

  • What “bad” game couldn’t you stop playing?
  • What license game do you enjoy? Based on a tv-series or a movie?
  • Or talk about anything!

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