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This week skeletor tries to fix the internet.

Greetings Tay!

On Sunday I went and saw the Queens movie “Bohemian rhapsody”. It was an alright movie. Or so I thought. The more I’ve been thinking about it the less I like it. I was really bothered that it had the same structure as any typical movie about a singer or a band. You know, like the family hates the main character when he is young, especially his dad, he meet a love interest at an early age that stays with you during the success just to tell you “you’ve changed” when things go bad. The success goes over the main characters head and he starts to take drugs and stop being creative. But then he realize it’s the music, not the drugs, that’s important. The movie stumbles into all of these clichés. Which is kinda weird considering it’s a movie about Freddie Mercury. Not Johnny Cash. I was sitting the entire movie thinking this is probably not a movie Freddie himself would have appreciated.


Because of this, one scene really stood out for me in the movie. It’s when Queens are working on their second album. They end up in argue with the big evil producer because they wanna do something new with a mix of genres rather than an album similar to the first one. “we don’t want to have a formula” they argue, “I like formulas” the evil producer says. (Played by Mike Myers.) This feels so awkward in the movie because the movie itself is a formula with a mix of every successful similar movies.

Although the movie contains some really good acting that seems to really wanna do Queens justice. And the last scene where they recreate the live aid concert in 1985 was awesome.

So overall my rating is: If you want an historically inaccurate Disney version of Queens, you got perfectly yourself a adequate movie that you probably shouldn’t watch actually.

Well then, here are some suggested topics to discuss today:

  • What clichés bothers you in games or movies? Or do they bother you at all?
  • Mention a person or a piece of work you consider yourself a big fan of. How has it inspired you?
  • Or talk about anything.

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