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TAY: Open Forum - "Cold. And 7 Years Dungeon" Edition

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Ack! Keep it down, you guys!

...hi TAY. I’m sick. Summer colds. I don’t know why they’re a thing and people get so crazy about them. Germs live any and everywhere! Not just in flu season! Stupid germs...


Well, seeing as I’m diseased and that means you’re all reading this, and will get the sickies too through the power of the Internet osmosis, I can’t even think of a topic for today. And that’s fine because you won’t be able to think either (no, please. no one get sick).

For today’s suggested topic(s):

  • Think of a topic, and I’ll answer you! And your fellow TAY’ers will answer you too. I don’t know.
  • Okay, how about this. I was on Twitter yesterday and I noticed everyone started putting up their #7FavoriteGames. So TAY. Super simple - What are your 7 favorite games?

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