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I'm really feeling it!
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TAY: Open Forum - "Console Wars Editions" Edition

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I am old enough to remember when the “Console Wars” were a hot war, the various makers of the consoles (especially Sega) would actively trash the other console in their commercials. Invoking direct comparisons between the two, one of my favourites was the idea of BLAST(!) Processing that powered the Geneisis for “Super fast gaming”. What was the difference in reality? Um, not much...

While things have quieted down with Twitter and social media we seem to be seeing a little revival of this from various users. Teraflops, SSDs, and all other technical lingo that likely wont really matter quite as much as a the minds of the people making the games have been mentioned time and time again. Its all a little silly, especially considering EVERYTHING that is happening around the world.


However, these things go on. Micorsoft has its monthly conferences, Sony is dropping all sorts of information tomorrow. I’m sure we will see more silly fights but what do you think about all this?

So my question(s) for you:

  • Lets start with the obvious ones right off the bat. Allegiance! You a Sega or Nintendo man? Sony or Nintendo? Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo? Or better yet you go where the games are.
  • Have you seen anything yet that really makes you excited for the next generation of gaming? Or is the promise of new tech more exciting than its reality right now.
  • Finally, and be honest, do you enjoy this kind of throw back to the old time of gaming. With this sort of proxy-Console War brewing out on social media.

If not feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves!

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