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Another FFXV picture on TAY. You’d swear the game came out recently or something.

Helllllloooo TAY!

Contrary to popular belief, I was not in a corner somewhere crying because you all broke me. Thank you, Tauren, for covering and spreading false hope to the people of my demise.


You’ll all be happy to know I was out, braving the rain to do a little festive shopping for a thing called Secret Santa that we do on TAY. This our 4th year, can you believe?

My friend and I ate doughnuts, I took a wrong subway line before that (XD whooops!). We went to a play, followed by Thai food for dinner. Then we cursed our way out of the city, weaving in between the masses because that dead tree that resides at Rockefeller Center was being celebrated and lit, to shine attention to its withered branches and underlying smell of decay. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m not a fan of the tree lighting. Seeing it on TV is much different than enduring the rubbish that comes with its live presence.

While we were out there though, we caught sight of the devil. That guy who plays one on The Exorcist TV series. OMG, so scary. He was wearing a red rain coat. Sidenote: The Exorcist tv series is quite fun and creepy. It’s way too dark and has a bad assed priest. This means it will probably be canceled. Oof.

And today, I come to you from a corner somewhere because I picked up a flu. Heh. Figures. Figures you guys would foresee my affinity for a corner. I’m not crying though. You’re crying.


Now that I’ve rambled about nothing, there’s a reason for the FF pic up top. I’ve been playing FFXV, too. But not as regularly as everyone else. Here and there, trying to figure out what the hell it is I’m doing. So I have no real comments to make on it yet except that I, of course, love Prompto. I don’t even really know Prompto well enough in-game to say that I love him but I love his goofy little voice, and there was never any doubt in my mind that he’d be the one. I mean, why should there be just one? Can’t I love them all? Yes. Yes I can. Ignis is looking kinda good too.

But right now, Prompto*.

*Japanese VA Prompto. English VA Prompto misses his charming goofiness. Boo hiss.


For Today’s Suggested Topic(s). Answers to some, one, none or all will do:

  • Your recent (or not so recent) video game character crush.
  • Anything interesting life things to tell us about as of late? Shows you’re watching? Books you’re reading? Drawings you’re drawing? Chronicle your week, even if it was a simple, easy time. Let’s just talk, TAY!
  • Unload your present shopping woes on me. Are you having a hard time shopping for someone in particular? Mom’s easy but Dad?! Hrm...
  • If you celebrate this way: Live or fake plastic trees? Multi-coloured lights or white lights?
  • Best Holiday memories
  • Prompto? Prompto. Fight me.

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