I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hello TAY!

January 2nd! Happy New Year! Or Day Old Year. Happy Day Old Year, and then some.

How was the break, if you had one? I spent time with my sister as we’re now playing The Sims 4. It was on sale the other day for $10 on PSN. While not the ideal method of play, we’re getting used to it again. It’s been a while since we’ve played the series.


It’s a mess! So much to manage. We used to be pros at the Sims so I think we just need to spend more time. We created ourselves. My sister is playing the role of a writer. Right now she’s an advice columnist.

My sim is a tech nerd. I’m an Ace Engineer at the moment and in my spare time, I “troll teh forums”.



This is just untrue!

And then! I was happy at work because I “Pwned n00bs”.

This game...it’s making me look bad.

Especially since I can’t pwn anybody in Into The Breach, which I just started.

For today’s suggested topics:

  • New year, you guys. What games are you looking forward to this month?
  • Do you have any gaming traditions for the start of the year? Like playing games you may have gotten for the holidays? I usually play JRPGs to hold me down through the dull winter months. But that’s not really true anymore! This month alone there are something like 6 games I want. It’s ridiculous. Granted, some of them I’ve already played/remastered. But stilllllll.
  • Are you already looking forward to the weekend? I am. Why do short work weeks always feel like the longest things ever?
  • How is everyone?

Change the lyrics a little

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