I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Tay Open Forum - Daydreaming.

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Sup Tay!

It always feels a bit like summer is over when vacations for everyone ends. It kinda felt like a bummer going to work today. I mean my own vacation was over a month ago but seeing people coming back makes you realize that nothing happens until Christmas now. Honestly, Sweden needs more holidays during Autumn. Nothing really happens then. At least USA has Thanksgiving and Halloween. If I had the money, and there wasn’t a pandemic going on I would book a flight somewhere during November. Because I hate that month and need something to look forward to.


At least I start my evening course in Japanese again soon next month. Then I can daydream about traveling together with other losers. A lot of the people I study with last spring was planning to go there during summer. That didn’t turn out well.

Let me reveal a thought I had in mind for a whole. I am kinda looking for a reason to go to Japan for a longer period of time. I always wanted to live in another country, just to test it, and it would nice to use my studies for something. Although I do not see this happening within a year. Moving to a new apartment next year, and will have to check out if there even is a possibility of me renting the place for a temporary time. Not to mention that I don’t really know what to do. What even can I do other than studying.


At one point I was looking into getting a job as an English teacher there, I had read that they take a lot of people in for that. Buuuut, they don’t really take in people from Sweden for it. Rather from countries that has English as a native language. Which is fair. Fuck em. But yeah, that is reasonable.

Urgh, I think I am becoming a bit too obsessed with damn country. XD

But I think it helps me keep myself motivated during my every day life. I guess also that my interest in Japan as grown during a time where other interest has decreased. It just goes well with what I can manage doing after work.


Anyway. Here are some suggest topics for today:

  • What are your daydreams? Any special thought that keeps coming up? 
  • What are you plans the next half of the year?
  • Or talk about anything.

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