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Tay Open Forum - Dead memes day!

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Greetings Tay!

Now when Halloween is around the corner it’s a time for everyone to give their past ones their thoughts. (I think at least what you do on Halloween.) And what could be more fitting than to talk about dead memes.


I wouldn’t say I am super fond of “memes” in general. A lot of it is low level humor and can have a sinister intention. But I’m actually enjoying this current trend Bowsette memes, because it spawns some genuine fun jokes, creative fanart, and mods. Sure it’s also a bit weird and sexualized, but owell.

So many memes has passed now that there can be something nostalgic about the old ones you actually liked. It gives you perspective on how the times was at that current moment. Thinking about it it also strikes me what short life span most of them have. Very few things last being active than a few months. Like remember Uganda Knuckles? You couldn’t play Vrchat without meeting several of players using that as an avatar. Now their pretty much nowhere to be found. (Thank god, it was pretty tasteless humor.)

One old meme I enjoyed a lot was when “My Little Pony: FiM” was a thing. Peoples negative reaction on it could be hilarious. And I should know, I was one of them. The whole thing gave me pretty big distaste. But it also spawned a really creative community that made some good fan made stuff. Which eventully lead me to watch some of the episodes I actually enjoyed it quite a lot. It had awesome character animation and felt like a perfect kids show that just doesn’t aim for just girls but for anyone to enjoy it. It gave me a lot of perspective and insight on my own prejudices.

Anyone, enough of me. Here are some suggested topics this week?

  • What is your favorite “dead meme”? Why is  your favorite?
  • What have you rediscovered recently that made you really nostalgic.
  • What is the worst meme that has ever existed?
  • Or talk about anything!

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