I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Tay Open Forum - Dealing with negativity

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Howdy Tay!

I feel like I have to deal with a lot of negativity these days. Like things at work, family and friends, news and things on the internet, pretty much everywhere. The weird thing about it is that I feel like it all has made me more of an optimist. Just to deal with it all.


I can see cynicism as a destructive force. Like often when I have talked to people who was pretty much the stereotype racist, I often see how a lot of their opinions comes from general cynical world view. That goes beyond their hate of an individual. A world that makes them the victim of everything. Like “society has done nothing for me”, “There is nothing I can do or want to” , “the news lies and doesn’t talk about the real issues” or basically “everything is shit”.

This doesn’t have to apply to racism. It can be something simple as a comment thread about some game and one person just hate everything about it. I was recently discussing Wow classic on a discord where someone posted a post from Blizzard telling people to avoid one European server because they notice that it has already become a very popular area and would risk being overcrowded. One guy who responded to it by “What proof do we have that Blizzard knows anything?” and the later responded with “Everything they do will always be wrong”. This was opinion of a person who still plays wow and is active in a guild. It just strikes me how his negative view of a company makes him completely ignore information that might be useful for him. It reminded me a lot of discussion of other companies like Epic games, EA, and such. And a lot of it just seems trifle for me.


I think I used to be a lot like this myself. And when I think back about that it I would say it was a time I was generally not very well at all. With being constantly depressed and feeling rejected. But I guess I just got tired of it.

Did any of this makes sense?

Anyway here are some suggested topics to talk about today:

  • Do you consider yourself a dirty pessimist or an optimistic bastard? 
  • How do you deal with negativity?
  • What game makes you “happy”? Like what would you play if you felt depressed?
  • Or talk about anything.

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